Weight Room

Posted on 07/16/2021

Anyone who has visited the LSE weight room knows that it has been a ‘diamond in the rough.’ Members of the LSE Pirate Football Team took on the challenge of making the weight room a better place for all LSE students. 

LSE Staff members Seth Brimer, Nick Beaty, Jalen Poindexter, Keith Poindexter, and Rhyder Timmins were volunteer leaders who joined in the work. The team completed 2 solid hours of of hard, heavy work carrying heavy, awkward and dirty equipment out, thanks to organization by BHS football coach Greg Hough. BHS Mentor football players Jameson McKee, Duwon Lomax, Colby Caton, and DJ Wesolak also led by example. Mrs. Rogers even surprised them with donuts! Together, they turned the room into a completely different space! 

Being a Pirate is more than just the work on the field. We are thankful to have coaches, staff, and athletes who are committed to being the best athletes and people they can be. Way to go Pirates!