Mrs. Angie Rogers, Principal


Mrs. Rogers was a science teacher at BHS and previously taught middle school science for several years. Mrs. Rogers has established a classroom climate of care and high expectations for all. Mrs. Rogers strives for "firm, fairness, and consistency" in her classroom and when serving as a high school administrator. We are excited to see Mrs. Rogers' vision implemented in our middle school setting. She has great ideas and plans to create a learning environment of excellence for our middle school students and staff.”

Mrs. Rogers is eager to lead at the middle-school level. She remarked, “ There is a spectacular transformation that occurs from 6th grade to 8th grade; the science teacher in me wants to compare this to larvae turning into an adult. Their potential is unlimited (and they still fully believe that!)”

“I look forward to working alongside dedicated and energetic faculty and staff at LSE by facilitating growth and supporting the opportunities for every child to grow academically and socially.”