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Mrs. Brenda Snoddy, Administrative Assistant

Photo of Brenda SnoddyBrenda Snoddy has been with the Boonville School District for all of her life. She graduated in 1978 from LSE, her class was the last to graduate before the district opened up the new high school. She is married, lives in Boonville, and has two kids - Christa and Landon.  She also has one grandson, and another coming in January of 2021. She enjoys watching him and being with him as much as she can. She also loves going to as many craft shows as possible. When she was younger she would have loved to be a teacher, but life often brings you down other paths.


Mrs. Snoddy was hired for the LSE position for Administrative Assistant in 2007. She was a secretary sub in our district for 5 years prior to that. She says “I love my job! I feel it is the perfect fit for me. I wasn't real sure about working in the middle school but I absolutely love it and wouldn't want to go anywhere else. I feel we have the best staff and Administrators to work with.” Her favorite memory with the Boonville School District was when there was an open lunch. Students could go where they wanted, whether they walked or drove their cars. She explains that LSE looks the same now as it did in 1978, with a few exceptions. There was a Driver’s Education course, and she can remember being nervous to drive across the old Boonville Bridge. If the students drove across and back with no problems, they were treated to Dairy Queen!


By Jamie Schenk, Pirate Press Reporter

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